October 21, 2014

You burn blue
whilst I burn red
and the dizzying darkness
wrapped around our heads.

And for centuries
we led sailors
across the seas;
fathers to daughters
and sons to mothers.

the known
to the unseen others.

And we kept
the lost from
losing themselves,
and the dreamers
in dreams
where the wonders
still dwelt.

And how I danced
'round you
gave the singers a song

And they gave life
to us both;
and stories
a thousand years long.

A word
connected us both

and while lightyears away
we had voices;
we spoke.

And I burned red
whilst you burned blue,
and through stories and song
I’m connected to you.

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October 18, 2014

I have been
a line in a song
and a verse of poetry;

the first thought
in the morning

and the last
to follow into a dream.

And whilst love
comes in forms
we rarely expect

You would look me
over a crowded breakfast table
and between sips of coffee

swirl your drink spoon
and smirk to yourself

and in the absence of words

I found every sentiment
of a peaceful silence

October 18, 2014

(especially those 
in which we say hello)
your love is a truck
hitting pedestrian me

and splattering my insides
over the pavement.

On others
you are a cold rain
that runs tear marks
down my cheeks

and I realize
in every moment
I find your love in me

I discover all over
how mortal we are.

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October 13, 2014
Cosmic Love Triangle

The Moon loves the Earth
and she pulls
and pulls
as hard as she can;

to be no longer
a distant land
a foreign object
across a dangerous span

And he’ll pull and pull
and realize
she owns his depths
his tides, his oceans
his ebbs and flows.

And he will wave
and do nothing more
despite how she coasts
along his every shore.

But the Sun, the Sun!
She makes him feel warm
Gives life to his skin
and kisses him every morn.

And so he will love her
as he can no one else
Even the Moon
loves the Sun in herself.

For she is only as bright
as the glow
he sees in her;
but the glow is not her
but from distant star.

The Earth will not love you
The Moon as you are.

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October 13, 2014
The Number You Have Dialed Cannot Be Reached

I fumble with the dial
and twist my fingers
in the cords.

Seven digits
to hear your voice
and the low drone
of a dial tone
carries me through my anticipation.

I automatically regret
all the choices
I’ve ever made
in my entire life.

I’m an idiot,
what makes you think
she’ll even be free
on a Friday night?
Did you think this one through?

she’ll just let it
ring through.
And we’ll be back in the clear.



I can’t even
say a word over the phone.

How could I have
ever lasted
an entire night
seated across
from you.

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October 13, 2014

I might not have lasted
until the very last page
but I hope you still
come back to my chapter
and smile.

October 11, 2014
A Woman Like You

I don’t wanna do
if it ain’t got
you to do
it with.

Use me up
and turn me loose
and we’ll run like
you got
crazy in your feet.

them other girls
taught me how to survive
on myself

But a woman like you
teaches a man like me
to live.

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October 11, 2014

Will they light
for your birthday
on Mars?

Or is oxygen
too precious
a resource
to waste on celebration?

I guess that discounts
the idea of pool parties
and watching fireworks.

But damned if
I’ll think it isn’t worth it.

To touch ground
on worlds that have
never known

To climb Olympus Mons
and be at heights
humans never dreamt of being.

Damned if I think
it isn’t worth it.

Smuggling Hershey’s
onboard a space shuttle
and owning the
only chocolate bar
on the planet.

We like to think
that here on Earth
we have everything.

But lacking in appreciation
can we truly enjoy
all its splendor?

will live on so much less,
and own so much more.

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October 11, 2014

(Inspired by “The Gathering Season” by Reese Lansangan. More on that here, on Insipration Run 1.)

"That one is yours," she said
in a voice
all too large
for herself.

Me, the proud owner
of a big ball of gas
burning billions and trillions
of miles away.

I can’t imagine how useful
that’d be.
You can’t hug the stars,
and the stars
won’t warm your home.

"I’d rather have the big one,"
I shot back,
"The one right there!
Almost hiding behind the clouds.”

"That’s the moon, you idiot!"
she retaliated,
grabbing a large clump
of grass in her left hand,
and showering it over me
as I laid beside her.

"Alright, it’s not mine."
How could it be.
The moon owns the tides
and the romance in every night;
I barely own the clothes on my back.

"It’s yours then."
Everything beautiful should be
You’re practically

"I’ll give you the moon,
how about that?”

And a smile on your face
every night for the next eighty years,
if you let me.

I’ll let you have my last name,
and we’ll collect more
stars to press inbetween
pages of journals.

But most of all
just take me;
add me to your collection
and I’ll bring the company
of every good thing
that’ll come out of my life.

And that’ll all be yours.

You laughed.
"Well, it’s a start."

We could dearly hope so.

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October 5, 2014
Poem 2; 10/28/13


I’ve known it for awhile;
I’m shit with nicknames.

I loved this girl
back in the 3rd grade;
she had the cutest smiles
and she always wore
her hair
in pigtails.

I called her pizza,

and she called me a geek
and we never talked again.

What I meant
to tell her was

no one doesn’t like pizza

especially not me.

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